A guide to diagnosing common JavaScript SEO issues

Is SEO necessary for web developer?

Should a developer know SEO? Good developers naturally help SEO by creating user-friendly websites, but it pays to understand search engine optimization yourself. Even just the basics could allow you to make more informed decisions and offer better service for your customers.

How to use JavaScript in SEO?

To avoid mild 404 errors when using client-side rendering and routing, use one of the following strategies:

  • Use a JavaScript redirect to a URL for which the server responds with a 404 HTTP status code (for example, /not found).
  • Add to error pages using JavaScript.

Is Google crawling with JavaScript? While Google Search runs JavaScript with an evergreen version of Chromium, there are a few things you can optimize. This guide describes how Google Search processes JavaScript and best practices for improving JavaScript web apps for Google Search.

Does JavaScript help SEO? For SEO experts, it is preferable that you do not output JavaScript when search engines visit your web pages, assuming that the HTML textual content and formatting you return looks almost the same as what people visit your sites.

Can Google follow JavaScript links?

When Googlebot presents a page, it executes JavaScript and then also discovers the links generated by JavaScript. It’s worth mentioning that link discovery can happen twice: Before and after JavaScript executes, so having your links in the initial server response allows Googlebot to discover your links a bit faster.

Does Google crawl anchor links? Google said, “Anchor text (also known as a link) is the visible text of a link. This text tells people and Google something about the page you are linking to. Place anchor text between elements that Google can crawl.†Google also provides some examples of good and bad written placement anchor text.

Can search engines read JavaScript? In short, JavaScript can make it difficult for search engines to read your page, leaving room for error, which could be detrimental to SEO. When a search engine downloads a web document and begins to analyze it, the first thing it does is understand the document type.

Can Google crawl JavaScript links?

Since Googlebot can crawl and render JavaScript content, there is no reason (such as maintaining a crawl budget) to prevent it from accessing any internal or external resources required for rendering. Doing so would only prevent your content from being indexed properly, and thus poor SEO performance.

Which link is not crawlable? A crawlable link is a link that Google can follow. Uncrawlable links are therefore links with a bad URL, these links can be exploited by the JavaScript code of the page but not by crawlers.

Does Google crawl URLs? If the URLs are in the HTML code, Google can see them. ‘URL Inspection’ in Search Console shows any page as Google understands it. Enter the URL and then click âView crawled page.â Click image to enlarge.

Can Google use JavaScript?

JavaScript is a scripting language that is often used by web developers to add dynamic interactions and functionality to websites. Today’s popular browsers such as Google Chrome have JavaScript enabled by default, providing access to dynamic interactions on the web.

Does Google Chrome support JavaScript? Enable JavaScript in Google Chrome At the top right, click More Settings. At the bottom, click Show advanced settings. In the “Privacy” section, click Content settings. Select Allow all websites to run JavaScript (recommended) in the “JavaScript” section.

How do I enable JavaScript rendering?

In your browser, go to the website for which you want to enable JavaScript Rendering. Open the browser (in Google Chrome: right-click, then Inspect) and go to the Network tab. Reload the page. In the Network tab you will see all the requests made by the browser.

What is JavaScript rendering? Javascript uses the document object model (DOM) to manipulate the DOM elements. Rendering refers to displaying the output in the browser. The DOM establishes parent-child relationships, and adjacent sibling relationships, between the various elements in the HTML file.

Why isn’t JavaScript working on Chrome? Go to the Chrome menu, under which select the “Preferences†section. Click the âUnder the Hood tab. Click on âContent Settingsâ from the Privacy section. Go to the “JavaScript” tab and select the “Allow all websites to run JavaScript” option.