Google Says Writing SEO Case Studies Is Quite Challenging

Google has this SEO case study and success story page since 2019, and they have updated it several times, I believe. Recently, fellow Mariachiara Marsella asked John Mueller if Google could add new case studies.

John Mueller responded on Mastodon, “I find it quite challenging for us to do this since the search is so dynamic.”

I think John has said that since Google Search changes so often, not only the core rankings but also the search features, this result can often lead to results becoming stale – quickly. So even with time, Google gets proper approval to publish one of these case studies, the results of our study may have flipped the other way due to changes in ranking or, features being demoted, or maybe even sunset.

It then got me wondering, will Google drop these SEO case studies all together?

Here’s a screenshot of the page as I see it now, just in case (click to enlarge):