Google Updates Discover Follow feed guidelines

Google has updated its Discover Follow channel guidelines to highlight the importance of two elements

Google has updated its guidelines for Google Discover channels to highlight the most important elements that should be included in a feed to be properly optimized.

Google Discover Feed

The Google Discover channel follow feature offers relevant content to Chrome for Android users and is an important source of traffic that is tailored to users’ interests.

Google Discover Follow is a component of Google Discover, a way to capture a steady stream of traffic outside of Google News and Google Search.

The Google Discover Follow feature works by allowing users to choose to receive updates on the latest content on a site that interests them.

The way to participate in Discover Follow is through an optimized RSS or Atom feed.

If the feed is properly optimized on the site, users can choose to follow the site or a specific site category, depending on how the publisher sets up their RSS/Atom feeds.

Audiences who follow the site will see new content fill their Discover Follow feed, which in turn brings new waves of traffic to properly optimized participating sites.

“Follow allows you to follow a website and get the latest updates from that website in the Follow tab in Chrome’s Discover.

Currently, the Follow button is a feature available to signed-in users in English in the US, New Zealand, South Africa, UK, Canada and Australia using Chrome for Android.”

Discover Follow traffic will only be received from sites with properly optimized feeds that comply with the Discover Follow guidelines.

Updated Guidance for Google Discover Follow Feature

Google has updated its Discover Feed guidelines to highlight the importance of the <title> and <link> elements, emphasizing that the feed contains these elements.

“The most important content of the Follow feature is your channel <title> item and your per item <link> elements. Make sure your feed includes these items.”

Presumably, the absence of these two elements may result in Google being unable to understand the feed and display it to users, resulting in loss of traffic.

Site publishers using Google Discover Follow should verify that their RSS or Atom feeds correctly display <title> and <link> elements.

Google Discover Optimization

Publishers and SEO specialists are familiar with Google Search Engine Optimization.

However, many content publishers may not know how to optimize their site for Google Discover in order to enjoy traffic from properly optimizing for Google Discover and Google Discover Follow.

The Follow Feed feature, a component of Google Discover, helps ensure that your site receives a steady stream of relevant traffic beyond organic search results.

That’s why it’s important to make sure your RSS/Atom feeds are properly optimized.

Read Google’s announcement of the updated guidelines and read the full Feature Tracking Channel guidelines here.

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How do you rank a web story?

How do you rank in top articles? When it comes to optimizing content for Google News, Google offers some advice on the criteria for ranking content in Google News, including:

  • Meaning.
  • Publicity.
  • Authoritativeness.
  • Freshness.
  • Location.
  • Tongue.

How do you rate your web history? When it comes to SEO, Web Stories is like any other page to Google. Everything from the use of alt text to the correct use of keywords in your content will make a difference. As Google says, “If it helps rank non-Story pages, Stories will probably help as well.”

Do people use Google Discover?

First launched in 2016 under the name of Google Feed, Google has since rebuilt this feature of the Google mobile app into its current version: Google Discover. �� Since its launch in 2018, Google Discover has gained over 800 million monthly active users.

Is Google Discover useful? Google Discover and SEO Google Discover is an important part of an SEO agency’s arsenal as it allows users to find new content more easily. The algorithm that decides what content to show to users is based on factors such as the user’s location, history and interests.

How many people use Google Discover?

What does Google Discover do? Google Discover creates a personalized content feed for users based on their interests, search history, location, and activity in other apps. Native to Android devices, it is currently only available on mobile devices or available through the Chrome or Google iOS apps.

How is Google Discover different from Google search?

In Search, users enter a search term to find helpful information related to their query, but Discover takes a different approach. Instead of showing results in response to a query, Discover serves content primarily based on what Google’s automated systems consider to be a good match for the user’s interests.

What does Discover in Google Search Console mean? Quick Reminder: What is Discover? Discover is a feature in Google Search that helps users stay up to date on all their favorite topics without having to ask a query. Users can use Discover in the Google app, on the mobile homepage, and by swiping right from the home screen on Pixel phones.

Can I replace Google Discover?

Of course, you can still replace the Discover page with anything else, including other apps. On Android 12 devices, launching apps will be almost seamless with the new splash screen feature. For more information on the Discover Killer mod, check out the Quinny899 thread on the XDA forums.

What happened to my Google Discover? Fix 2: Check if Google Discover is on Open the Google Chrome app on your phone. Tap the More tab and tap Settings. Go to the general. Then turn on the Discover switch.

Can I uninstall Google Discover? Get Rid of Google Discover on Android Fortunately, it’s easy to completely get rid of the Google Discover feed from the right-sliding menu, Google app, and Google Chrome’s new tab page on your Android phone. This means you can enjoy a smoother and faster experience when using these apps and interfaces.

How do I succeed on Google Discover?

What is the difference between Google News and Google Discover? Google Discover: NOT Google Search or Google News The biggest difference is that you don’t have to search for topics that interest you. The end user is in control.

What is the performance in Discover? The Discover performance report provides important metrics about your site’s performance on Discover. This report is only visible when your property has reached the minimum impression threshold in Discover.

How does Google discover work?

Google suggests content to the user based on your search activity and activity found on your device. Checks web searches, app activity, location history, and location settings. You can follow specific topics or entities to build your profile and set limits on what Discover can discover for you.