LSU commit MJ Seo, a right-handed pitcher, is showing some special abilities

JUPITER, FLORIDA — MJ Seo sat in his comfort zone on the rubber on the mound in the large stadium on Thursday afternoon.

For the 18-year-old righthander from Plano, Texas, throwing at the Roger Dean Chevrolet Stadium was just another day at the stadium. That’s because Seo is used to top competition at the best showcase events.

This weekend, Seo and the rest of his 3n2 Sticks Baseball Brewster/White Sox Scout Team took part in the annual Perfect Game WWBA World Championship, one of the top wood bat tournaments in the country.

“It means a lot,” Seo told SB Live. “Obviously the best teams from all over the country are in one place, trying to win everything and have the same goal. This means a lot, especially since this is my last travel ball tournament.”

Hebron (TX) pitcher/shortstop MJ Seo showed his skills in Jupiter Florida this weekend at the Perfect Game Wood Bat World Championship, in front of thousands of students and professional scouts. He is committed to LSU, but may also have professional opportunities after he graduates next spring.

Seo, a pitcher/shortstop, plays for Hebron High School in Carrollton, Texas.

Seo is determined to sign with LSU and is no stranger to pitching in front of large numbers of scouts. Few showcases have as many scouts as the WWBA World Championship.

“I saw them say there were 7,000 college and pro scouts together here,” said 3n2 Sticks coach Chase Brewster. “I don’t know if that’s right, but it feels like 100,000. Everywhere you look, it’s a ‘Who’s/Who’ and a someone, a bunch of special people.”

Next summer, Seo will likely have to make a decision after his senior season – go to LSU or sign professionally?

That’s a decision for a later date, after the 2023 MLB Draft.

“I plan to go to LSU, that’s the priority,” he said. “Whatever happens can happen. That’s what I focus on. It’s a few months away. I live in the present.”

The Wood Bat Tournament is one of Perfect Games’ premiere events. A year ago, three of the first four overall picks in the 2022 MLB Draft played in this event: first pick Jackson Holliday (Baltimore Orioles), second pick Druw Jones (Arizona Diamondbacks) and fourth pick Termarr Johnson (Pittsburgh Pirates).

“It’s definitely special, knowing that a lot of great players have come and played on the same fields as us,” said Seo. “It means a lot. It’s pretty cool.” While this tournament lacks the projected top of the players in the first round, there are many who could go later in the first round or certainly the first few rounds.

“He had a great, great summer for us and he’s turned himself into one of the best pitching prospects in the country,” Brewster said. “We are super proud of him.”

Seo’s younger brother, Minjae, also plays for 3n2 Sticks Baseball. As part of the 2025 class, Minjae is already committed to Vanderbilt.

Roger Dean Chevrolet Stadium is the Spring Training home of the Miami Marlins and St. Louis Cardinals. Games will be played on the backfields used by the big league-clubs in Spring Training, then the Minor Leaguers take over, keeping the complex active for most of the season.

Only a select number of matches are played in the stadium with almost 7,000 seats. 3n2 Sticks Baseball Brewster is one of the teams that has its game streamed over the internet.

For the players, the PG tournament provides a platform to showcase their skills to the best of their peers.

“I’m just trying to show off my arsenal on the mound, and obviously I’m trying to get good at bats in the penalty area and I’m trying to be a consistent player,” said Seo. “Whoever’s there, the coaches or scouts, it’s great of course. I try to play the same game no matter what. Whether it’s 100 scouts or zero scouts. I try to play the same game. It doesn’t really change anything for me, but it’s definitely more exciting.”

When not on the mound, Seo usually plays in the middle of the field.

“MJ is one of the few kids we’ve had that really gets pre-game and post-game prep,” Brewster said. “He’s an extremely hard worker. He works all the time. He does yoga. He does little things that some people might find silly or take for granted. It’s made him a much better athlete and it’s made his body in a position to do things it probably shouldn’t be able to do down the hill every three or four days.

A few weeks ago, Seo added meditation to his routine.

“Obviously, he’s an incredible batter, so we need to keep an eye on when he’s on the field, before and after he pitches,” Brewster said. “He normally plays short stop. He was our short stop all summer. We play him second after he throws and we DH him before he throws, just to make sure he’s fresh. ”

What high school does MJ Seo go to?

PLANO, Texas (BVM) “When MJ Seo enters the batter’s box in front of John Paul II High School in Plano, Texas, he is thousands upon thousands of miles from his hometown.

What school does MJ Seo go to? “It means the world to me.” With MJ, a high school student committed to LSU, and his younger brother Minjae, a high school freshman committed to Vanderbilt, the Seo brothers will always be proud of their heritage.

How hard does MJ Seo throw?

6-foot-6, can reach 101 mph, threw a power slider to 87 mph and missed bats with his splitter.

How tall is MJ SEO?

MJ Seo is a 2023 SS/RHP with a 5-11 175 lb.

What position did Eric play?

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What position was Eric Decker?

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Is Eric Moulds a Hall of Famer?

Not in Hall of Fame – 22. Eric Molds.

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Where is Eric Moulds today?

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When did Eric Moulds play for the Buffalo Bills?

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How tall is Eric Moulds?

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How tall is MJ SEO?

MJ Seo is a 2023 SS/RHP with a 5-11 175 lb.

How hard does MJ Seo throw? 6-foot-6, can reach 101 mph, threw a power slider to 87 mph and missed bats with his splitter.

Who is MJ SEO brother?

With MJ, a high school junior dedicated to LSU, and his younger brother Minjae, a high school freshman dedicated to Vanderbilt, the Seo brothers will always be proud of their heritage. “You should always represent your homeland,” Minjae said.

What high school does MJ Seo attend?