Miami-based SEO company offering free website audits

Search Search is offering free web searches for the month of October

MIAMI, FL, United States, September 23, 2022 / — Miami based Search Exchange is offering a free web audit to businesses across the United States to ensure they are they make most of their use online. Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and web analytics are critical to business success – if customers can’t find a business, or get directed to the right pages, how can they engage and buy from you? them?

A business website is full of valuable information such as visits, page views, metrics and more. Much of the information is that the real challenge is not the collection of information but how to interpret the information effectively.

Test Test Test test website will give a business a clear, specific and geek-speak-free analysis of its website – what is working well, what is not working and what can be improved. No long-term relationships, just honest guidance and personal commitment to online success.

To put this into perspective over 40 million British people use the Internet, 75% of them use it every day according to In addition, consumers spent £5.2 billion online in April 2011, an annual increase of almost 20% according to The trend is set to continue.

With such statistics website optimization is one of the most important things a company can do to increase its online marketing. . By optimizing its website so that customers can see it in the first few results that come back from a search engine, a company gains valuable recognition. Well designed and easy to use websites can also convert those visitors into paying customers.