The Brains Share SEO Strategy That Resulted in 85% Increased Conversions in Six Months

London, United Kingdom, Dec. 14, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Traffic to your website is fine, but what if none of that traffic is actually converting? It’s a big concern many business owners face – after all, basically every business is about sales. Without sales, you cannot pay wages or stay afloat. So how do you turn curious website visitors into paying, loyal customers?

There are many potential reasons why a business may have a low conversion rate, from inappropriate keyword choices to painfully slow website speed and an unintuitive user interface for your buyers. Everything must be right for a sale to be completed, to inspire repeat business and to gain loyal customers.

While there is certainly no one-size-fits-all checklist for increasing customer conversions, The Brains has been very successful in helping clients increase conversions, as recently demonstrated when they helped a client achieve an 85% increase in conversions in just six months.

To help the client achieve this feat, The Brains decided that SERP rankings would be critical to attracting new audiences and increasing ROI, so built a content-led strategy supported by best-practice SEO that aligned with the client’s other paid media campaigns. In addition to increasing organic conversions by 85%, the client also saw a 53% increase in organic users and a 74% increase in keyword visibility.

To read more about how The Brains was able to do this for their client, read the case study below:

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What increases organic traffic?

Answering questions is a great way to increase organic traffic while helping your audience. FAQs, glossaries, and help centers are great ways to create highly specific and thorough content that answers specific questions people have that relate to your product/service and your industry.


How do you increase organic search conversions?

Thus, we have four ways to increase sales from organic search.

  • Search for views. Increase the number of indexed pages.
  • Click through rate. Create compelling search snippets.
  • Sales conversion rate. Connect search snippet offers with page content.
  • Average order value. Targeted at high-spending buyers.