TLD Test and Building Authority through Advertising and SEO [Podcast]

Can a website or network of sites rank with few links and multiple TLDs? What about a brand built over the past few years that is indexed in Google News using the “.news” domain and finds featured snippets on Google with a separate domain using the “.reviews” TLD?

How do we do this and what can we learn from it as an SEO?

In this episode, Jon Henshaw, SEO at Paramount + and founder of Raven Tools & amp; CoyWolf, joined me to discuss his experiences building his own personal publishing project, the Coywolf Network.

Our discussion provided some insight into what this means for the future of content publishing and SEO.

This is where I can test the publishing stuff and get something to rank. With that in mind, I’d say one of the most interesting things I’ve noticed over the past year about what I’ve been doing is being able to rate content really high without any reach or link building. – Jon Henshaw, 18:47

I always write in a way that is very disambiguous. As I am writing I mention an entity that can confirm to Google that this is what it is about. – Jon Henshaw, 26:13

At SEJ, we do not build links. Our link building tool is our publish button. – Loren Baker, 1:04:29

[00:00] – A little bit about Jon

[06:23] – Is the increase in the number of videos and images in search results significant?

[10:05] – How Coy Wolf started.

[17:29] – What signals have intensified over the last year?

[18:50] – One interesting thing Jon noticed in the rankings.

[24:16] – other Coy Wolf experiments.

[37:30] – Reputation management tactics.

[56:07] – Have you searched for visibility for professional news & amp; Your Review Sites Are Growing?

[1:01:42] – Can the quality of dot-coms help?

[1:07:00] – How Jon configures his hosting.

Resources listed:

I think the latest algorithm update probably deals with things that could be related to how much time people spend on content before they actually click back to the search result. – Jon Henshaw, 26:38