Video: Google Search Disruption, Faster SafeSearch Classification, Plus More SEO & PPC Content

Video: Google Search Disruption, Faster SafeSearch Classification, Plus More SEO & PPC Content

On March 4th we experienced more Google search turbulence, possibly an update to Google’s search rankings then. John Mueller of Google says they are speeding up the SafeSearch filter classification process. The translated indexing issue we talked about last week came from the Google Cloud team, ironically. Google says the indexing issue could be related to legacy spam but is likely unrelated to older adult content. Google says it ignores widget links, so why bother. One SEO claims that content outside of hidden tabs will result in higher rankings, regardless of what Google says. Google posted about how they found content in videos today. Google people also ask to be shown two or more times on the search results page. Does having a subdomain give you more opportunities to get more grouped results on Google Search. Google web stories test URLs on the outside and instructions. Danny Sullivan of Google corrects Andrew Yang and Ramesh Srinivasan on how search works. John Mueller gives beginner SEO a lesson on links. Google Search Center virtual conference registration opens on March 17th and the event is March 23rd. Google Shopping has a filter to only see products from smaller stores. Google Ads is testing the grayed out part of the URL. Microsoft Advertising launches professional service advertising and Microsoft Advertising Editor gains audience network support. Google Search also added the Jewish Sabbath to search. And if you’d like to help sponsor the vlog, visit That’s the search news for this week in the Search Engine Roundtable.

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