Video: Google Thanksgiving Volatility, Links, Content and More SEO & 19 Years Covering Search

Since Thanksgiving Friday last week, we’ve seen a lot of chatter and changes in Google Search. Google says they have improved the accuracy of the Discover performance report in Google Search Console. Google says that links are less influential today than they were years ago. Google says it has algorithms to detect and take down AI-modified scraps. Google says it doesn’t crawl fast or index a niche or something short. Google says that the URL does not have to be in the same language as the content of the page. Google also says that HTTP/3 doesn’t help with rankings or SEO. Google says if your main pages are terrible, that’s too bad for you. SEOs have their opinion on the importance of domain age in Google rankings. Google is testing a new map feature for Google Search. A study shows that reviews stay at the top of the comments section for a long time. Google is suing a company that pretends to be Google for cheating small businesses on their Google Business Profile. Google Business Profile can now indicate when edits will be reviewed. Google’s local reviews show a mix of positive and negative mentions. Google’s Local Service Ads are experimenting with different headers. Google AdSense has released a new rail ad. And today is the 19th anniversary of the transition from search and search marketing. And if you want to help sponsor those vlogs, go to That was this week’s search news in the Search Engine Roundup.

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