Will Park Seo-joon play Prince Yan, Captain Marvel’s husband? Rumor explanation

Park Seo-joon, best known for his roles in Itaewon Class and Parasite, is rumored to portray Captain Marvel’s (Brie Larson) husband Prince Yan in the upcoming film The Marvels. Rumors of Seo-joon’s casting in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) first surfaced in the summer of 2021 when Daum said he had been cast in the Captain Marvel sequel. In September 2021, his talent agency confirmed that his casting in The Marvels was official. However, almost a year after the first rumor that he had appeared in The Marvels, his role has not been disclosed.

Fans have theorized who the South Korean actor could be portraying in the MCU. Initially, theories suggested that Seo-joon would be Noh-Varr’s portrayal in The Marvels. In the comics, Noh-Varr is a soldier serving under the Kree empire in an alternate universe. His powers were enhanced by the fact that he had altered his DNA with insect genes, making him half-man and half cockroach. During one mission, his ship was destroyed as he and his crew flew onto Earth 616. After the crash landing in New Jersey, Noh-Varr played a prominent role in Secret Invasion which would become a Disney+ TV series in 2023.

As a result, many assumed that Seo-joon was the portrayal of Noh-Varr and first appeared in Secret Invasion before moving on to The Marvels. However, new rumors suggest that Seo-joon will be playing Prince Yan, the husband of Captain Marvel and the prince of Aladna.

Will Seo-joon be Prince Yan in The Marvels?

The rumor of Seo-joon portraying Prince Yan in The Marvels was first sparked by Marvel insider Danie Richtman. The insider revealed the news on Patreon. This may interest you : Report from Ukraine: 8 hopeful stories from the SEO community.com before taking to Twitter. According to Richtman, Seo-joon portrays Prince Yan, the “leader of a musical planet where everyone has to sing to communicate.”

Park Seo-joon played the husband of Carol Danvers in “THE MARVELS”

He plays a character named Prince Yan, a leader of a musical planet where everyone must sing to communicate.

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The planet in question appears to be the planet Aladna. In the comics, the inhabitants of Aladna spoke only in rhymes. Also, the males of the planet have no choice in marriage. As a result, when the mutant child Lila Cheney, endowed with intergalactic transport powers, arrived in Aladna, she was engaged to Prince Yan. Years later, upon her return to Aladna, she and Prince Yan no longer wanted to marry, but the royal family held them to their engagement. When the villain Marlo showed up to challenge Lila for Prince Yan’s hand, Captain Marvel fought in Lila’s place. After defeating Marlo, Captain Marvel became Prince Yan’s bride. As a result of his position, he was allowed to marry a bride of his choice.

The rumor was not met with enthusiasm by MCU fans who held that Larson’s Carol Danvers would come out as a member of the LGBTQ+ community. Fans were also excited by the idea of ​​Seo-joon’s character leading a musical planet, as they wondered if this meant The Marvels could be a musical.

Which one ? I think Carol was gay and that was like a big part of her character in the first captain wonder

The husband? Clearly a typo. Everyone knows Carol’s gay.

So in theory, The Marvels could be a musical?

I’m not so sure about the “musical” idea, but I hope it’s just another term used to recognize that the people of Aladna speak in rhyme. While the idea of ​​Captain Marvel having a husband may not appeal to fans, they also need to remember that, according to comic book history, it’s not necessarily a traditional husband/wife situation. Instead, it was about two characters who helped each other to confirm that men and women should have a choice when it comes to selecting a partner. And don’t forget, as of now, it’s just a rumor! We have to wait for the official confirmation from Marvel about the future of Prince Yan.

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