Major SEOHost: In the midst of COVID, SEO is more important than ever

Terry Cane, COO of, believes that search engine optimization has never been more important than it is now, post-COVID-19.

, /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Terry Cane, COO of global SEO hosting and domain registration SSL service provider (, argues that in a post digital economy -COVID, search engine optimization will be truly business critical.

COVID-19 remains one of the most disruptive global events in recent memory, accelerating trends like e-commerce and digital transformation at breakneck speed. According to analyst McKinsey, in the first three months of the pandemic alone, the world experienced ten years of technological advancement. Companies around the world faced the challenges of distributed work, while online retailers and software-as-a-service developers saw a surge in business.

According to Cane, as the world slowly approaches what some believe, or hope, will be the end of the pandemic, SEO-savvy businesses face a huge opportunity.

“As restrictions are lifted and life returns to a semblance of normalcy, people will be eager to visit physical stores again,” he explains. “Local businesses would do well to update their Google My Business listings. Up-to-date name, address and phone information is a must, while content focused on how they’re open once again could drive traffic and business.”

Cane believes the online world will see a similar increase in traffic and interest. Since customers are no longer as concerned about lockouts or job loss, he says they’re more likely to start shopping once more, if only to regain some semblance of normalcy and control. Google’s recent quality-focused algorithm updates provide even more opportunity for the right brands.

“Coronavirus changed the world in ways we could never have predicted, ultimately accelerating the global adoption of hybrid working and a digital ecosystem,” says Cane. “With more of our lives online than ever before and Google doubling down on quality and performance, lack of optimization almost guarantees you’ll lose out to smarter competitors.”

“At this point, it is difficult to say if the pandemic is really over or if we are on the verge of another wave,” he concludes. “One thing is clear to me, though. When the dust finally settles, the winning companies will be the ones that kept up their SEO.”

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